2021 Gene & Cell Therapy Calendar

  • January | Gene therapy viral vector overview, click to view details
  • February | AAV full-to-empty ratio calculation with TEM​
  • March | Engineering AAV vectors for gene therapy
  • April | AAV manufacturing technologies
  • May | The stem cell therapy toolkit
  • June | Oncolytic viruses overview
  • July | Properties and clinical use of AAV serotypes
  • August | Characterization testing for an HEK293 master cell bank in AAV manufacturing
  • September | BCMA CAR-T trial overview
  • October | ssAAV vs ScAAV- a diagram
  • November | Key principles for viral-mediated gene transfer in neuroscience
  • December | Process optimization of the expansion of cells from microcarriers in cell therapies

The details of each monthly promotion will be available in January. Stay tuned.


About this calendar


Vigene Biosciences, an award-winning world leader in plasmid and viral vector development and manufacturing, wishes you a healthy and prosperous 2021.​


This 2021 calendar contains figures and tables that have been carefully selected by Vigene from gene and cell therapy articles, all reprinted with permission from Springer Nature.​


The calendar features a specific gene therapy research topic or viral vector type each month with the corresponding products and services from Vigene.